One minute out

It is 0300 hours and you are seated in the back of the Bearcat on your way to a mission target. “One minute to target” the driver yells out.

You tap each piece of equipment on your plate carrier and give your rifle one last press check to ensure you are chambered. You already did this ten times prior, but it is a last-minute ritual you have developed, which has a type of calming effect on your nerves. 

You step out of the Bearcat and onto the skid rails. At this point, all nerves are gone and your angst morphs into a laser-like focus...

Operators on a tactical team are often asked how they are able to remain calm when executing high risk missions. For most, the idea of breaching the door of an armed and violent felon’s home and stepping into the unknown is unimaginable. It defies the human psyche which always seeks self-preservation. For those who do it on a regular basis, they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

These operators aren’t particularly special or capable of things that the average man or woman isn’t. They have simply been repeatedly exposed to critical incidents and stress inoculation training. These experiences, when coupled with a relentless pursuit of physical and tactical superiority, have developed them overtime to be hardened and resistant to shock. They are not immune to fear, but rather they know how to control it, direct it, and then channel it to make them even more effective in the situation at hand. 

Any man or woman can develop their mind and body in a similar manner, but it will require discipline, dedication and a willingness to place oneself in uncomfortable situations. 

Are you willing to truly test yourself and be better today than you were yesterday?



  • Keith

    Never got out of a Bearcat but thousands of times jumping from a truck or SUV with laser like focus on the mission at hand. Knowing you need to be focused not only for your own safety but your brothers behind you. Physical and mental readiness are a must. Leave your personal shit locked in a box till everyone is home.

  • Charles

    Well said.

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