Iron Mind Workouts

Over the years we have seen athletes of all calibers either fail or succeed during the SWAT selection process. Some of the fittest bodybuilders, crossfitters, sports and endurance athletes walked away from selection with the weight of failure on their shoulders and the reality of defeat in the pit of their stomach. On the other hand, some less than physically gifted applicants not only succeeded during selection, but they strived in the most strenuous environments. 

For those who have been in these environments, the key to success is clear. The body will only go where the mind allows it. It doesn't matter how strong or fast you are, your weaknesses will be exposed and you will suffer amongst the rest (it just may take a little longer). Although a base level of fitness is required for any selection, they aren't designed to find the most physically gifted athletes; they are designed to discover those who possess an iron mind and an unbreakable will. Those whose bodies are near the point of absolute failure, but their mental strength will not allow them to quit. No matter how physically exhausted, sleep deprived, sore or malnourished, they push forward matter what the cost. 

We specifically designed our Iron Mind Workouts to not only enhance your physical capabilities, but to condition your mind and prepare you for prolonged periods of extreme discomfort. 

Welcome to the Iron Mind Workouts. 




  • Dave Frank

    I’m moving to Norway.

  • Joseph Teti

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work bro! It’s so good to see guys like you maintain not only their hard skills like shooting, but your physical ability. 90% of the guys out there skip over that and only focus on the “shooting” part because they let themselves go after getting out. Im 58 and in the best shape of my life. If you ever want to do a video together to support your podcasts, please reach out to me. Would be honored to do so. Best, Joseph Teti Here is a podcast I just did. Can learn alittle about me.

  • Fred Appiah

    AR- 0013-1803

  • Sean Sheppard

    How do I access these workouts?

  • Johnny Matthews

    Jarod Miller you gave BPA class 965 many memories and the best birthday party ever!

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