Cable Machine / Resistance Band Handle Set

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Cable Machine Use:  Our handles are constructed of heavy duty nylon webbing and steel carabiners, giving each handle a load bearing capacity of 500lbs.  This makes our handle set perfect for any commercial cable machine.

Resistance Band Use: Our larger steel carabiners allow you to use heavy duty bands that offer over 100lbs of resistance.  The small metal rings used by all of our competitors will only fit small resistance bands that offer minimal resistance.  Each handle set also comes with a door anchor for use with resistance bands.

Portable and Versatile: If you're short on time, on the road, or your gym is closed, fit a fully functional workout system in a single bag.  

Heavy Duty Quality Materials: Steel Carabiners rated at 500lbs and durable nylon webbing will survive your punishing workouts.  Textured grip is non-slip and much higher durability than the cheap foam handles.  

Warranty: Just like with all of our products, we offer a 1 year, no-hassle warranty.  If you have any issues, contact us and we will take care of you.