Product Care and Safety Instructions


  • - Dishwasher safe.
  • - Wash before initial use.
  • - Do not place in a freezer.
  • - Remove the nylon sleeve before use in dishwasher.
  • - Check rubber gaskets inside the cap for damage and proper placement after every wash.
  • - Remove items from sleeve pouches, steel clip, and paracord handle prior to washing the nylon sleeve.


  • DO NOT microwave; fire and severe injury can occur.
  • DO NOT freeze; loss of vacuum can occur. 
  • DO NOT use with dry ice; explosion can occur. 
  • DO NOT over fill with hot liquids. 
  • DO NOT force cap open or remove the cap with tools of any kind. 
  • DO NOT fill or store with carbonated liquid. Pressure can build up overtime and cause injury when the cap is removed or forcibly eject the cap and cause injury.

  • DO keep hot liquids out of reach of children. 
  • DO allow hot liquids to rest prior to opening.
  • DO open with caution when using hot liquids.
  • DO open periodically to relieve pressure. 
  • DO reach out to Iron Infidel if your cap is stuck. Email:

If you have any product questions contact Iron Infidel via email at