Gunmetal Resistance Band Bundle

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Introducing our resistance bands in the newest gunmetal color. Included for free with this set is our 8-week resistance band training program.

When you're shopping for resistance bands, it's important to know how they are manufactured. The cheap $40-$50 bands you find on Amazon are molded into a single piece of latex. This process is cheaper and results in many bands breaking under moderate use. We have upgraded all of our bands to a layered manufacturing process.  This is much more expensive for us to produce, but results in bands that are 350% more durable and resistant to breaks and tears.

The benefits of including resistance bands in your training program are undeniable. They are utilized by bodybuilders, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, and fitness enthusiasts around the world to increase athletic performance.  Resistance bands are an effective training aid and they can be utilized for pull-up assistance, warmups, stretching, assisted bodyweight exercises, variable resistance in conjunction with free weights, and injury prevention.  

A portion of all profits is donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation and the families of fallen Police Officers.

Band Sizes:

X-Small: 20-35lbs

Small: 30-60lbs

Medium: 40-80lbs

Large: 50-120lbs

Extra Large: 60-150lbs

WARRANTY: All bands come with a 1-year warranty.

If you manage to break it, we will get you a new one.